Welcome to the Cyberair demo portal. This is usualy what your visitors will see the first time they connect to your WiFi. We know how important it is to maintiain your brand and identity, so thats why your portal page on Cyberair can be customised to fit right in.

Welcome to Air Hotel, we hope you are enjoying your stay.

To get online simply enter your room number and the code you recieved when you arrived. If you have any trouble at all please contact reception.

If you have a registered account sign in here.

Once a guests connects to your WiFi they, all they need is a couple of simple bits of information.

Go ahead and click Connect see what happens next.

Connecting Activity

It's as easy as that! This step now connects the user to the internet and lets them know they can go ahead and browse the web.

Get online with a QR code Get online with NFC

We're making it even easier, with QR code and NFC technology all your guests need to do is hold thier room key to thier mobile phone and they'll get online in an instant.

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